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Hello everyone,

Probably you don't know about us so much, because we were born in Mexico, a Spanish speaking country, and were mainly focused in providing our services among the Spanish community. We are MKServers, and we strive to do our best to offer internet services, such as Virtual private Servers (VPS), email hosting, radio streaming and DNS management.

Today we'd like to let you know that we are working in translating our contents into English. This will allow us to provide you our services and more additions in the near future. If you don't speak Spanish and still want to take a look to what we can offer, you can read most sections in our website already in English. Order pages and payment processing are already translated, so you can read, take a look and if you like what you see, you can try our services.

However we are not done yet. We still are translating important information related to our services such as Frequently asked questions, privacy policy and some info about us. Also we are working in content for our knowledge base, written completely in English.

So if you are interested in fast, afordable and nice virtual private servers, if you want to start your own Virtual Radio Station and want an Auto DJ or if you just want a secure email hosting, don't hesitate to Contact us and let us know your requirements. You can also check our VPS plans or Radio streaming plans too.

Stay tuned for more updates about our English translations!

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